What Do We Think of Customer Service in Crypto? We Think It Would Be a Good Idea

What Do We Think of Customer Service in Crypto? We Think It Would Be a Good Idea

Type the phrase “crypto customer service” into Google and the chances are it won’t be pretty.

The lack of support, guidance and education around the digital currency space from the vast majority of exchanges and firms to date has been puzzling to say the least. After all, in a marketplace that since day one has been battling a public perception of hostile complexity, high risk and seemingly insurmountable barriers to entry, a little customer service goes a long way.

From the beginning, Coinage has placed quality customer service right at the top of our list of priorities. As the industry grows and cryptocurrencies start to enjoy greater acceptance among both Wall Street and Main Street, the numbers of people needing advice and guidance, not to mention those encountering problems, will also inevitably increase.

At Coinage, we believe that customer service – or great customer service, at least – is so badly lacking in the marketplace, it will actually become a major differentiator as the crypto explosion continues. This is why we have spent so much time and energy on ensuring that our offering is second to none.

After all, it’s about so much more than answering a few queries and sticking a generic FAQ page on your website. Done properly, it feeds into the wider ideas of trust, transparency and the all-important user experience – all of which will have a huge part to play in not only attracting initially sceptical and perhaps overwhelmed newcomers, but in determining the overall long-term success of cryptocurrency investing and its adoption as a viable alternative to more traditional assets.

Put simply, users new and old want to feel valued, safe and comfortable, and if these needs aren’t met – and met well ­– they’ll happily jump ship to a more caring, considerate and clued-up competitor. And who could blame them?

This is why it is important to us that every one of our users knows that we’re fully dedicated to and capable of providing holistic and truly people-centric guidance, advice and troubleshooting that will not only make their investing or trading experience as problem-free as possible, but will firmly position us as the foremost cryptocurrency service in the marketplace.

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