Rachel Foster Continues to Strengthen The Coinage Ranks

Rachel Foster

Rachel joined Coinage in March 2018 as Customer Service Manager, since joining she has been busy defining and implementing the best customer service solution for our customers.

Rachel has also been increasing the size of our support team as Coinage continues to invest in customer services. This will ensure that Coinage will deliver the best customer service offering that is unique in the crypto industry.

For nearly 20 years, Rachel has managed teams and departments with a heavy focus on customer service. Having worked for companies including BT and LloydsPharmacy, she specialises in building highly effective customer service teams comprising a somewhat unusual mix of both technical and customer service skills.

Rachel’s role here at Coinage is the creation and implementation of a robust customer service strategy, which will involve not only growing a department of talented personnel but will also see her acting as the company’s ‘voice of the customer’ while working towards creating a culture of continuous service improvement.

In an industry that is, in large part, infamous for its lack or poor quality of customer service, Rachel’s refreshing attitude to the subject ensures that Coinage stands apart from its competitors and is delivering on its promise to keep the user at the heart of everything we do.

“Good customer service is treating people as you would want to be treated and should be a ‘given’ in any company,” says Rachel.

“I believe in always striving for exemplary customer service, where needs are anticipated and expectations are exceeded.

“We will have a solid strategy which will include a huge focus on employing and investing in strong customer-focused people who will be empowered to make decisions that will ensure the best experience for each customer while balancing the needs of the individual with the overall needs of the business and any regulatory requirements. Solid systems, processes and measures will enable us to scale and maintain service quality.”

Rachel’s vast experience and expertise means that she is also well placed to deal with the fast pace of the industry and the many, often unexpected changes, to which it is subjected.

“This is a constantly-evolving industry and there will be new challenges every day,” she says. “The key is to be able to anticipate industry direction and subsequent company changes in order to prepare or be equipped to make fast changes to maintain service.

“I don’t see evolution as short-term or temporary, or something that should only be considered when starting out. As an advocate of continuous improvement, I firmly believe that constant never-ending evolution, a willingness to change with the industry, and a commitment to forward thinking is vital to ensuring we always offer the best possible customer service.”

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