Mobile-Only Exchange

Mobile-Only Exchange

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, becoming a viable, long-term and highly attractive proposition for the masses, rather than a closed bar for industry insiders and savvy early adopters, differentiation will become key for any product, service or provider that wants to avoid being crowded into obscurity by sheer weight of numbers.

And while there are plenty of companies focusing on perfecting the often-discussed issues of stability, security and flexibility, there is another factor that has been somewhat overlooked despite it having the potential to be an even more potent weapon in the battle to attract inexperienced and possibly sceptical would-be users.


Imagine you’re completely new to the world of investing. After a lot of mulling it over and countless hours of online research, you’ve decided that crypto is the way to go and are ready to push the button on the transaction that you hope will be the first of many on the road to untold riches. Sure, you’re inexperienced and slightly apprehensive, but now you’ve done your homework, it’ll be plain sailing from here on in.

Then you get to the exchange. Numbers and graphs everywhere. What do these abbreviations mean? Where do you go to buy and sell your currency? How do you know how your investment is performing?

Ask yourself, in this situation, would you feel comfortable risking your hard-earned cash? Probably not. It’s easy to forget that crypto currencies are made to be used, and if this very important part of the journey is neglected, potential investors will walk away.

Coinage is all about usability and providing customers with an intuitive, easy to understand – and, more importantly, trusted – way to trade.

Our exchange is mobile-only and designed with users of all experience levels in mind. It’s geared toward optimum ease of use and providing customers the ability to trade quickly, easily and safely on the go or in their office.

Of course, this usability could easily come at the cost of features that are elsewhere taken for granted, which is why we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that we provide a full feature set that leaves nothing out – and nothing to chance.

This streamlined approach allows us to focus on the things that really matter and gives our users unprecedented levels of transparency, security and confidence on the go.

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