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Coinage Exchange, built by crypto investors for you

Coinage is a new kind of cryptocurrency company that is set to change the way we view and access the world of crypto trading and make cryptocurrencies a major part of everyone’s investment portfolio.

Coinage is designed to make cryptocurrency investing easier, safer, stable and more transparent for seasoned traders and newcomers alike.

Putting the user at the heart of everything we do, our focus is on usability, stability, flexibility and excellent customer service, all with the goal of providing a crypto experience that is a joy to use.

Safe and secure

Security is a major priority for Coinage. Everything we do will be fully compliant and subject to the strictest regulatory criteria, meaning that all of our users can trade and invest safely.


Coinage is currently working with regulators in several respected first world jurisdictions. This proactive and compliant approach makes the exchange safer, more secure and more stable for customers.

Mobile Only

Our focus on mobile platforms allows for a streamlined and intuitive experience, better security, convenient anytime access and new features that are unavailable on desktop platforms.

Coinage, built by crypto investors for you

Obsessive Customer Service

At Coinage we believe that customers are the key to continued success so we’re investing heavily in building a team that provides fantastic support that resolves issues promptly, politely and efficiently. We are also providing our customers with support every step of the way by including a real time chat feature within the Coinage Exchange app.

Decoupling from Bitcoin

We are taking a stand and totally decoupling crypto markets from Bitcoin. Each and every market will have a regulator-approved asset backed stablecoin as the base currency pairing.

The Coinage Exchange will operate all markets with an asset backed stablecoin as a base currency to maintain stability and focus liquidity



All markets offered on Coinage Exchange will be based on a regulator-approved, audited and asset-backed stablecoin, which will provide greater stability in turbulent markets for both customers and the exchange.

Margin and Short selling

Margin trading with short selling is frustratingly absent on a wide range of altcoins. Coinage will be the market leader in margin trading, offering the largest number of markets for short selling and allowing many new trading and investing strategies to be realised.

Invest in cryptocurrencies with confidence with Coinage


We protect your data

Starting with GDPR, Coinage will be the first exchange to adhere to strict data privacy regulations for all customers globally.

Loyalty Program

We believe in rewarding loyalty and our program will reward loyal customers every single month.

Trading API

A professional grade API and data services for professional, algorithmic and high frequency traders

No withdrawal fees

We refuse to profit from traders coming and going

Exceptional trading engine

We have designed and built a super fast trading engine to make sure your trades are executed lightning fast

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“We have been listening to investors and traders who want innovative products that provide security and transparency. Coinage Exchange is the first in a suite of products that will meet these needs. We always look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions and would love to hear from you."
Chad Pankewitz
Chief Executive Officer, Coinage