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Mobile only

Laser focus on providing the best mobile crypto experience.


Margin trading including short selling on the widest range of altcoins.


Coinage is a regulated finanical organization that you can trust.

De-coupled from BTC

We believe that the industry needs to de-couple trading pairs from BTC and ETH as soon as possible. We are taking the lead and all markets will use USD as the base currency.

Obsessive customer service

We are building a customer experience that is second to none.

Fantastic loyalty program

Customers who hold Coinage Coin and trade will get bonus loyalty coins every month.

No withdrawal fees

At Coinage, you will never be charged a fee to withdrawal your own money.

Stable and reputable

You will not find "win a Lambo" promotions on our platform. We will list tokens based on their merit, prospects for success and longevity. In short, we have a long term outlook with your success being first priority.

We are coinage

Arriving summer 2018 on iOS

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